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Авторство: (by SPV) Музыка для себя и машины

Название mp3: Dat Baby

Mp3 длится: 03:16

Трек найден и добавлен: 2016-03-26

Скачали: 181

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Текст трека:

Dat baby dont look like me x4
shawtty putt
yall know who this song for
this baby dont look nothin like me
talk to em shawtty putt

Lets go!
that baby ain't mine
im sorry
"you are not the father"
bitch you heard maury
i ain't buyin no carseat
an i ain't finna take care of no freak
not me not me
you ain't gettin no trust up outta my check
but i will pay for that DNA test
i ain't buyin no huggies, don't dress him like me that ain't my lil buddy
dem ain't my lips and them ain't my eyes you can keep them big pitchas and the wallet size
that baby got a big nose girl look at mine you can play blind but girl you needa stop tryin
you can stop cryin girl you can stop cryin
you done pick the wrong one baby this time it aint my problem shawty
i cant smell ya
take him by my momma house girl she'll tell ya
Dat baby dont look like me x9
"shes a stankin slut, she needa keep her knees closed, that baby look nothin like me that baby cock eyed and i got squinty eyes,we look different from head to toe"
"you think this baby looks like any of ya'll"
"now children, what do you say when you meet a nice man"
"are you my daddy?"

naw naw naw that baby look just like the reggae sean paul
and between me and you on the low low all the curly hair that baby look like polo
Im tryna tell ya i ain't that baby pappy he way to crunk you betta try lil scrappy
Now i might be high but the more i look at him, shawty look like T.i.
I can't lie we was doin our thing, but thats a nappy head baby you betta try tpain
Naw mayne i can't claim him im light skined that baby black like akon
When i beat we didnt go meat to meat, you betta call petey pablo didnt he say your name on freak a leak?
Shit try gucci man bitch he might be but that baby dont look like me
Dat baby dont look like me

Видеоклип: Vee Tha Rula feat. Kid Ink Bricc Baby Shitro - Dat Lingo


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